About Company

To become a true expert in your field, you must focus solely on that practice. That's why at Khesht o Khorshid, we specialize in full-service building conservation. Our aim is to arrest deterioration, repair damage, and stabilize the subject of our work for future generations to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on using the latest techniques in our projects, but we are not just technicians. We apply the Craftsmanship of the artist, the Knowledge of the scientist and the Concern of the historian.

Perhaps most importantly, we do not take the conservation process too far. We believe to the principles of conservation as mentioned in international norms and standards. “Limitation to necessity” and “reversibility”

We provide:

                      ·          Existing buildings conservation, maintenance, repair and restoration.

                      ·          New buildings conversions, extensions and alterations.

                      ·          Historic Landscapes assessments, preservation and rehabilitation.

Please feel free to Contact us with any questions regarding Our services mentioned.

Our Philosophy:

        ·          We believe that it is important to respect and to keep intact the unique character and history of each building we are asked to conserve, maintain or restore.

        ·          We believe that each building we are entrusted to conserve is valuable, and as such, we show the utmost care throughout all aspects of the conservation, maintenance and restoration process.

        ·          We believe in using only the highest quality materials and equipment, to ensure the durability of our work.

        ·          We believe in paying careful attention to every detail, so nothing is overlooked and that the integrity is preserved.

The principle of truth is the key to quality in conservation. Our approach to conservation is based on respect for the value and authenticity of historic buildings. We see an historical perspective allied with scientific research and education, as essential for both conservation and innovation.

 At Khesht o Khorshid, we adhere to the ethical and professional guidelines as outlined by international organizations, including the Venice and Burra Charters.