Alireza Farrokhi's complete profile
First Name: Alireza
Last Name: Farrokhi
Education: PhD Candidate, M. Hist. Pres., B. Civ. Eng.

Alireza Farrokhi (PhD Candidate, MHP, BSc)

Alireza Farrokhi, is an Iranian civil engineer. He started working in design and construction projects of several residential and industrial buildings while he was in his 2nd year. After graduation in 1997, he worked as site manager for construction of a high rise residential building in Tehran. During this period he got interested in the historic monuments and specifically in their preservation. He decided to study more on this new passion and enrolled in the Historic Preservation program of the Tehran Azad University. After completing the required course work, he and two of his classmates, one of which is a partner in Khesht-o-Khorshid, spent 2 years on preparing a preservation plan for the historic bridges of Lorestan, Iran (2500 BC–1500 AC) as their disertation. He graduated in 2001 with a GPA of 3.65/4.00 and established Khesht-o-Khorshid Conservation Co. with three of his friends right after.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of historic preservation, all the projects he has been involved in require close collaboration of different expertise and a multi-disciplinary teamwork. Alireza had have roles of civil eng. expert, historic preservation expert and project manager in design teams.

Through his exposure to projects of different nature in the field of architectural conservation, Alireza realized these is a lack of communication between the experts of disciplines involved in safeguarding the historic monuments. He decided then to return to school to do more research and address this issue.

He is currently a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary.