Arash Boostani's complete profile
First Name: Arash
Last Name: Boostani
Education: BS. Civil Engineering
MA in Conservation of Historic Monuments & Sites

2003 Certificate in “Retrofitting of Masonry Structures and Earthquake Resistant Design”, International Short Course, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
2002 MA in Conservation & Restoration of Historic Monuments & Sites Azad University, Tehran, Iran
1996 BSc in Civil Engineering, Azad University, Zahedan, Iran
1991 Diploma in Mathematic & Physics, Motahari High School, Tehran, Iran

Key positions relevant to the field of conservation & restoration of historic buildings:
April 2005 - Project manager for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Historic Cities Support Programme in Herat, Afghanistan. Responsibilities include:
management of conservation projects and sites, area upgrading, drafting of proposals, financial budgeting, human resources, coordination with local & national authorities through the Old City Commission, advocacy, liaison with international organisations, reporting and dissemination of information.
Managing AKTC/HCSP’s ongoing programme of activities in Herat in western Afghanistan, with a total staff of some 35 Afghans. As Project Manager, I have overall responsibility of all aspects of the operation, including supervision of a range of documentation and conservation initiatives in the old city and the shrine complex of Gozargah; support for planning and coordination through the inter-institutional Commission for the Development of the Old City of Herat; liaison with local government institutions and other organizations with operational activities in the area. Based on the finding of an AKTC-implemented survey of some 10,000 premises, which shed light on the pace of transformation in the old city, an increasingly important aspect of my work is in advocacy, within the resident communities and local government, for the enforcement of effective development controls for all new construction within the old city.

2004 Consultant for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Historic Cities Support Programme for the reconstruction of a former caravanserai to be used as visitors centre and office space for the Babur Garden in Kabul, Afghanistan
2003-04 Site manager for ALSTOM-Afghanitan, responsible for the rehabilitation of the 110 kV Over Head Power Line between Substations in Kabul
2003 Site manager for Denkmalpflege Mecklenburg Gmbh Schwerin, , engaged in the conservation and restoration of the Momine Khatun and Karabaglar mausoleums in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
2002 Consultant for ICHO (Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization) for the Conservation of the Saadabad Royal Complex, Tehran, Iran
Sept. 2000 - Founding partner & associate of Khesht-o-Khorshid Research & Conservation of Historic Monuments Co., Tehran; (Head of the Board since 2004)
Key consultancy projects to date have included: the exectution of conservation and rehabilitation plans for the Ghasr-e-Bahram caravanserai, South East of Tehran; the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic residence of Zolfaghari in Zanjan; the restoration of the Kolah-Farangi monument in Tehran; pathology consultancy for the Alborz School building in Tehran; the design of the historic landscape for Iranian Melli Bank in Tehran. All for ICHO (Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization) in Iran
Documentation of Italian embassy building in Tehran. Client Italian Embassy.
1998 - 2000 Site manager for ICHO for the conservation and rehabilitation of Masudiyeh Palace in Tehran
1994 -1998 Consultancies in civil engineering have included projects for Zahedan Electronic Industries and the construction of the Karun 3 Dam and Khash Cement Factory in Iran
1991 - 1994 Collaboration with Gostareh Negar, publishing Co., Zahedan, Iran.

UNPUBLISHED WORK Comparative analysis of the Historic Bridges of Lorestan. Case study: Kashkan Bridge -10th Century, Thesis submitted for MA in Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Monuments and Sites, Azad University, Tehran, 2001 (Brief information available at

Since 2003 International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Iran National Committee (since 2003)
Since 2003 International Council of Museums (ICOM), Iran National Committee