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The Bam Citadel, A Comprehensive Introductory Report
Date: 2004-04-01
This report is a quick and yet concise glance at the Bam Citadel as it once was and it remains today after the December 2003 earthquake.
In this passing glance, we have attempted to identify and introduce the various areas of interest and concern relating to the Citadel and provide a forum for further discussion and more in depth study of the subject. Another important goal pursued here was to gather the various articles and reports that have been sporadically written on the subject into one easily accessible collection. These articles and papers were referred to and used in parts of the report that follows.
Nevertheless, we believe that each title in this report requires much further future study and these chapters are the indication of only part of the needs and necessities that the massive repair and renovation project at hand will require.
What became apparent to us after the Bam earthquake was the seemingly obvious fact that documentation of historic architectural and cultural landmarks takes precedence over the actual repair and renovation activities and what is probably even more important and vital is the categorization and collection of this information into comprehensive case studies. The main hurdle that the experts working on the repair and renovation of the citadel are now grappling with is the scattered and sporadic nature of the information available on the subject that even having been collected will require be properly organizing, categorizing and editing. Until this preliminary and yet inevitable task is performed, it will be difficult to paint a bright horizon for the future of the citadel.