Services we Offer:

Existing buildings conservation, maintenance,repair and restoration:

-         Literature searches and reviews

-         Survey and data collection

-         Historic building materials analysis and laboratory testing

-         Expert investigation, diagnosis and monitoring of defects as a precursor to an effective repair solution. (Building pathology)

-         Structural appraisals of buildings

-         Historic building evaluations

-         Comprehensive condition survey and report

-         Personalized problem solving servis, using rigrous scientific approach

-         Heritage presentation plans

-         Conservation of historic and ancient monuments.

-         Maintenance of historic buildings


New buildings conversions, extentions and alterations:

-         Feasibility studies

-         Full design service

-         Planning and building applications

-         Project management

Other services:

-         Archelogical surveys and reporting

-         Environmental  assessments

-         Landscape architectural design of historic and archeological sites